Come on summer!  Don’t get us wrong, we love winter & snow, but can’t wait till the hustle & bustle of summer here at Camp.  Please pray for the camp this winter as we plan projects, complete repairs & projects, make our winter guests feel at home (& warm too), and as we share the camp ministry throughout the four-state area.

Camp Tohiglo Alumni

If you have attended Camp Tohiglo in the past (and have “graduated” from Camp), or you have been on staff at Camp, then you are eligible to join the Camp Tohiglo Alumni. We’ll post a link to our Facebook Group.   "Once a happy camper, always a happy camper." -Mr. Allen
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Looking for information about a Non-FBC 'camp', or event, that's being held at Tohiglo?  see Hosted Events for more information. Mason Dixon Scholarship Camp (Formerly Awana Camp) PA Deaf Camp Cross, Inc. Camp
Thank you to those that constantly support Tohiglo!  We know your reward is in Heaven, but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Your prayers & giving make it ALL possible! How can you help Tohiglo? Visit our support page to see how you can help.

Thank You for your support!

Welcome to Camp!

Volunteers Needed!

Here at Camp Tohiglo we absolutely love our volunteers that come and help, not only the staff for camping season, but also the behind-the-scenes workers that make sure the maintenance gets done!  We salute you, but can’t praise you too much - we want ya to get your reward in Heaven. ;) We need more help though.  We’re looking for people to help do some construction projects and general cleanup man-power.  Please contact Mr. Jim, at the camp, for how you can help.

FBC Winter Retreat • Creation vs. Evolution

The 2015 Fellowship of Bible Churches WINTER RETREAT is February 6 & 7, 2015. The retreat is open to men, women, and teens. Everyone is welcome. This year’s speakers are Dr. Randy Guliuzza and Mr. Frank Sherwin from the Institute in Creation Research. Click here for brochures and more information.