This Scholarship page is for the Fellowship of Bible Churches / Camp Tohiglo four weeks of summer camp, not for Tohiglo renter camps. For financial aid for renter camps please contact those individual camps. It’s our desire that every child have the opportunity to experience a week at a Camp Tohiglo, however, we realize that some families may have difficulty paying the full cost of camp tuition due to financial hardship. Faithful supporters have come forward to assist families in need, so we are pleased to offer partial camp scholarships through our new SCHOLARSHIP FUND. GUIDELINES: APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED MORE THAN 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE WEEK OF CAMP THEY WANT TO ATTEND. Applications are not automatically approved. Camp Tohiglo reserves the right to reject any or all applications. Applications will consider available Scholarship Funds vs the number of applicants already approved and your financial need. Applications will be processed in the order received. As a standard policy we do not cover the entire cost of camp. A minimum fee must be paid - $100 for overnight camp and $70 for day camp. Financial aid funds will be applied directly to the camper’s account. Financial aid funds will be returned to the camp if a camper cancels. Our standard refund terms apply. (See Camp Registration Terms) Funds are granted on a first-come, first-served, qualified and approved basis. HOW TO APPLY: Download form here. MAIL SIGNED FORM TO: Camp Tohiglo Camp Secretary 10670 Fort Loudon Rd Mercersburg PA 17236 OR EMAIL SIGNED FORM TO:
SUMMER CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS / FINANCIAL AID Welcome to Camp Tohiglo’s Scholarship / Financial Aid Page